5 Essential Features of A DNS Hosting Provider

Due to the increase of Distributed Denial-of-Services attacks you need to ensure that you have a high level of security in your website. The attackers can destroy your site if you fail to give security a priority. In these days, the DNS services do not need more money. You can go for the free providers or the cheap ones. They will enable you to run a business that is free from attacks and losses. But how will you know that a provider is reliable and will enhance your website functionality? Here are 5 must-have features that you need to consider:


Millions of customers abandon a website due to its slow speed. They prefer a site that will not make them spend more time looking for great products. Hence, you need to consider using a DNS hosting provider that will quickly convert the web name into the IP address. You can test its speed by looking at their response time. If they take more time to translate the domain name to IP address, then the provider should not be your priority. A speedy provider can lead to high conversion and sales.


Security is a big concern for the companies operating the servers. Each provider wants to ensure that they protect all the clients’ websites. However, not all the providers offer robust security features. They can lead to loss of money and inaccessibility of the site to the users. To avoid this, you need to ensure that the DNS hosting provider can detect attacks.

Customer support

Everyone needs help. Most of the DNS hosting providers view customer support as of less importance. They forget that all the retailers including the experts will need them at some point. Thus, this feature should be your priority. It will allow you to get positive feedbacks at the right time. You can select one that will offer various methods of reaching them.


You want to expand your business, right? Hence, you should choose a DNS hosting provider that will host a variety of domain names. Also, you need to consider its ability to convert the web name into IP address. Some of the providers will take a lot of time before they complete the process of translating words into numbers. Thus, you need to choose one that will take a few seconds to enhance the speed of your website.

Ease of use

Having the ability to set up the DNS hosting provider by your self is the best experience. It will save your time and money because you will not have to hire an expert to perform the task for you.


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