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Comprehensive Guide on the best Domain Generators Tools

Your desire for a perfect domain can only be achieved if you know how to search for and register a domain for your business. The problem is that most of the names have been taken. Currently, we have more than 1 billion websites, and many more are coming up by the day. However, there are excellent online domain generators that simplify your task of achieving a perfect domain name for a business. If you are looking to achieve a name that is memorable, trustworthy, unique, and brandable, you can use any of the following excellent domain generator tools.

 1. Leandomainsearch

Leandomainsearch is an excellent tool by Automatic, the same people who are behind the famous WordPress. They have vast experience in making excellent online tools. Leandomainsearch is easy to use, you only need to provide the keyword for your industry of choice, and the tool will provide you with hundreds of .com domain name ideas. All the names that the tool generates are available for registration.

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Business Name Generator
Business Name Generator


– You can ‘favorite’ some domains and have a chance of reviewing them later

– Allows you to register domains from the tool

– It also checks and displays for you available Twitter user-names

– You can see your search history


– The tool displays only .com domains. So if you are looking to register other TLDs, Leandomainsearch is not your tool.


 2. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is a tool by Shopify. Granted, Shopify is among the most successful e-commerce platforms in the world. The business name generator also works similar to leandomainsearch so that when you input your seed keyword, the generator provides you with hundreds of .com domain names.


– Business Name Generator is more creative than Leandomainsearch. It provides excellent results.

– Since Shopify owns it, you can create Shopify e-commerce platform instantly. That’s great because you won’t have to move elsewhere and so you can launch your business immediately.


– It only provides you with .com domain names. Hence if you’re looking for other TLDs, the tool won’t be helpful.

– The biggest shortcoming of this tools is that you can use it only if you intend to build a Shopify e-commerce website. Hence it’s limited.

 3. Namestall

Namestall is a combination of several domain generators namely the main domain generator, rhyming domain generator, and the three-word domain name generator. To use the tool, you begin with the domain name generator and input your seed keyword as usual. You then pick whether you want your keyword to appear at the beginning or at the end. You can disable or enable hyphen. Lastly, you decide which keyword group that completes your domain. The last step is great as it helps you to customize your domain name.

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 4. Nameboy

Nameboy guarantees a whole range of TLDs. For the best results with this tool, you should input the seed keyword as well as a secondary keyword that you wish to combine into a single domain name. You have the option for asking the Nameboy for rhyming as well as allowing hyphens.


– It provides you with a handful of TLDs

– It also shows you domain names that are available for resale

– It provides you the option to allow or disallow hyphens


The above domain name generator tools will make it easy for you to generate a perfect domain name for your business. If you are launching your e-commerce business, the Shopify’s Business Name Generator is the ideal tool for you.

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